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Merry Mission

Merry Dental is devoted to awaking people's consciousness of oral health,  building the first brand of oral health care with Chinese characteristics and at the same time providing a development platform for elites devoted to the private oral medical service.

Business Idea

Healthy, beautiful, happy; professional, safe, people-oriented

Service Tenet:

Doctors benevolence give you the best service!

Doctors' oath:

Health related, life entrusted.

The moment I step into the hallowed medical institution,I pledge solemnly--
I will volunteer myself to medicine with love for my motherland and loyalty to the people.
I will scrupulously abide by the medical ethics ,respect my teachers and discipline myself.
I will strive diligently for the perfection of technology and for all-round development of myself.
I am determined to strive diligently to eliminate man' s suffering,enhance man' s health conditions and uphold the chasteness and honor of medicine.
I will heal the wounded and rescue the dying ,regardless of the hardships.
I will always be in earnest pursuit of better achievement .I will work all my life for the development of the nation' s medical enterprise as well as human' s physical and mental health.